Chanakya & Chandragupta

Mentor and Mentee relationship seems to be one of my favourite topics. Just can’t resist thinking and writing about it. Earlier last year I wrote about relationship of Krishna and Arjun in this context (those who did not read it, I have provided link at the end of this article). These days, while I see the television serial, Chandragupta Murya on NDTV Imagine, it feels so similar.Going only with what is being shown in the serial, Chanakya (and entire world also agrees) has been a great mentor to Chandragupta (let me call him CG, for the sake of writing a shorter name). But at the same time, I would like to give due credit to CG too. He demonstrated complete trust in his guru and did seemingly impossible things just in the name of Chanakya. This case is yet another good example of guru and shishya being poorak of each other.Incidentally, nowhere in history I have heard of any other disciple of Chanakya who was even close to CG. It makes me believe that Chanakya was able to create history because he happened to find Chandragupta and was convinced of CG’s ability to learn and his own ability to influence CG. Similarly, even after almost 2300 years we talk of CG, because he was fortunate to have a mentor in the form of Chanakya.

Chanakya Neeti is a subject of study even today…It became meaningful and memorable, just because of one person, Chandragupta Maurya. I really wonder if we would have known Chanakya or if at all there would have been any Chanakya neeti, had there been no CG.

It is so difficult to find a right combination of student and teacher. Even if we get to find few, such relationships are short lived… either for the duration of school or of college. Hardly we get to find a mentor who can give a direction to our life, how we take on the world and how we shape it. In the routine run for roti, kapda, makan and self magnified dreams, probably the cause of humanity and interest of wider world has lost much of the relevance.

Over the centuries, we see very few cases where mentor-mentee relationships have created history. It makes me woner why so few? There must be something – a thought, objective, way of life, etc… which goes beyond conventional beliefs of teaching. I think it is worth to take a pause and think of such qualities. If we can identify and mbibe even 10% of such qualities, I am pretty sure, it will be a different and much better world for all of us to live in.

** Authored on 29 May 2011

Nidhi Bhugra  –  Once again a food for thought 🙂 Nice one
I am not sure if it is the same epic that was telecasted earlier in the days of only DD. I had watched it then and was very inspired by the tandem of Chanakya & CG.I was thinking the other day, we live, come to office, survive, make money every month, take care of our family and just live by that standard. In this routine chores and mundane but important jobs we have much forgotten about to bring a change.. A change in something that is not so much fulfilling but yet working and surviving..
Though this thought is only little close to what I have grabbed from your write up, it is focussed towards finding a tandem of mentor mentee relationship to bring about this change..Does anyone even want to become a CG in today’s world or any CG if at all he or she exists know his or her Chanakya (if one exists). I think there is a lack somewhere.. Modern day objectives and education system are much to contribute towards this lack..
I don’t think that even parents who are like Chanakya (not a simile but can acquire those qualities from Chanakya), have been able to create or identify CG in their own reflections as their children..
In this modern era, if any CG exists or can be created; he is already wrapped around with the selfish motives (thanks to our Education system and our own preaching to our children)..
But I believe, certain values like blind trust, transparency, objective of our existence can help to repeat or create history. Hard to happen here in this world.. In paradox to what has been said, in my opinion all successful people have some Gurus in their life who have inspired them, have been able to shape lives of their pupils and have been able to bring about a change. The values and the gyaan given by these gurus remain and reflect in the disciples even if the actual relationship has been fleeting..


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